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Belford Roxo


Mariana Martins Carvalho

Welcome to my city, Belford Roxo!

I have lived in Belford Roxo all my life and I love my city. I joined the Youth Mayors programme at UWC Maastricht because I want to learn more about city management and I want to apply this knowledge to also improve and develop my city.

I am particularly interested in human rights, focusing on peace and educational rights.

My City

Belford Roxo is a very special city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The vegetation used to be a marsh and a swamp inserted inside part of the Atlantic Forest, for this reason, the city has a lot of hills and biomes specific from the Atlantic Forest. It is home for more than half a million of people, because of it, the sense of community is a feeling that everyone shares. However, the people from Belford Roxo lack some of their basic rights: peace and education. These are the two main challenges faced by the government and the people. Currently, in 2019, 9.757 children are out of school. Belford Roxo also has one of the biggests rates of death due to intentional violence, the rate  in 2018 was 58,1 in 100,000 inhabitants.

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