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Maria Isabel Merino

¡Bienvenidos a  Bogotá!

I´ve lived in this capital city my whole life, until August 2019 when I decided to join the UWC journey in Maastricht. Being here made me realize that a huge part of me was influenced by this city and that even with its fallacies it still is an amazing city. I joined Youth Mayors because I´m interested in being able to help Bogota with its urban problems and also different countries. I´m particularly interested in human rights, social equality, and development.

My City

Bogota is the capital of Colombia, located in the Cundinamarca district, and known for being one of the largest cities in the country.  It is also the political, economic, administrative and industrial center of the hole country and in the last years, it has had a huge development in its infrastructure, conserving its colonial structures in the city center. Another amazing characteristic of Bogota is that it is a city surrounded by high mountains, beautiful trees and a river that passes throughout the whole territory,  allowing this place to have a balance between building and constructions and natural resources. However, it is one of the most cities in the country and this has caused a huge social crisis in the city, which now has become a challenge to the government.

  • Population size: 7181469

  • Founded in august 6 1538 by Gonzalo Jimenez de Posada

  • Covers an area of 1587 square kilometers

  • It is the second-highest capital city in South America having an average altitude of 2640 meters (8660 feet)

  • It is located in a sloping plane between two mountains

  • Before Spanish people colonized the city Muisca´s indigenous group habituated the zone.

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