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Salma Abdi Ali

Welcome to Burco!!!!

I am Salma from Burco, Somaliland, an autonomous region of Somalia. I became part of the Youth Mayors programme at UWC Maastricht because I believe it will give me the tools and the experience of being a changemaker. I am into politics, development, and human rights.

My City

Burco is the second largest city in Somaliland. It is settled by two major tribes, the Habaryoonis and Habarjeclo.  Many of the new settlers in my city are pastoralists from rural areas who domesticate goats, sheeps and donkeys. Donkeys, for example, are used for different reasons, one of them being for transportation and to carry goods. One of the biggest infrastructure issues in my city is the main road because it is too small and it is used by people, animals, and trash flows around. There are many social issues alive in the city, the main ones being poverty, unemployment, health, and poor education system. These main issues are often the root of many evil acts including theft and violence.

  • All monetary transactions are made through ZAAD(a mobile payment platform)

  • Population size: 350, 211

  • Uniquely red soil

  • High rate immigration

  • Coal is used as the main source of fuel for cooking

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