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Astrid Zibrandsten

Welcome to my city, Copenhagen


Before coming to Maastricht, I have spent my entire life in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen for me equals home, and that’s why I chose to join the Youth Mayors. I view Copenhagen as a beautiful city, but I also recognize that it has it’s problems, and I hope that I through Youth Mayors will get the tools to improve these issues.

I am mostly passionate about environmental issues, integration and grassroots politics.

My City

Copenhagen is a modern and cultural city which gathers different types of people. The city boasts both sport and green open spaces, and the beautiful architecture is a perfect setting for a busy life.

The City focuses on smart and design friendly solutions, which both preserve the old city and leaves space for innovative new ideas.

Copenhagen is becoming more popular, and with popularity comes issues such as overpopulation and rise in house prices.

  • 602,481 people live in Copenhagen

  • 790.000 is expected to live in Copenhagen in 2050

  • Copenhagen has been named to be the number 1 city to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet

  • Denmark is known for being the happiest country in the world

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