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United Arab Emirates

Lakshita Bhat

Welcome to my city, Dubai.

I have lived in Dubai for 9 years and before that I lived in Moscow for 8 years. I joined the Youth Mayors programme at UWC Maastricht because it would give me an opportunity  to take part in activities and projects that would benefit the community around me.

I am particularly interested in social and human rights issues and how politics can play a role in helping solve the problem.

My City

Dubai is one of the seven emirates in the UAE. With approximately 3.1 million living there and 85% of them being expatriates, Dubai is known as the commercial capital of the country. Tourism is the main income for Dubai. The weather is not an issue as it is always warm and sunny during the year. Dubai is not only known for its tall skyscrapers and huge malls but it is also known for the Emirati culture that it holds. Pearl diving and wearing henna are all a part of Dubai’s extensive culture.


Dubai is a small city meaning it does suffer from certain problems. The public transport system is not advanced for the people living there. The oil industry is also very important to the citizens of Dubai. This makes the carbon footprint of the city pretty high. Along with this, the air quality of the city has become worse because of the presence of carbon dioxide, dust, sand and other chemicals. 


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