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Gülce Uysal

Welcome to the City of the Seven Hills, Istanbul.


I have lived in Istanbul all my life, and every part of it has become a part of me, with all of its beauty and troubles. Once I knew that Istanbul has grown inside me so much that I’ll never be able to forget, I began to participate in projects for its future. Now that I’m living in Maastricht, I want to chase the same feelings I have for Istanbul, and that is how I am a part of Youth Mayors today. I am particularly interested in arts and culture, and history. I hope I can give Maastricht a part of Istanbul.

My City

“If the Earth was a single state, Constantinople would be its capital”, as once said by Napoleon, there are many reasons behind this statement. Istanbul is usually described as the bridge between Europe and Asia, as well as the city three empires fought upon, claiming her as capital. As such history results with a thriving multicultural diversity, Istanbul became the world’s 5th most visited city in 2015, attracting 12.5 million tourists. Facing overpopulation with both internal and external migration, the city suffers from has been on the edge of issues for many years: traffic with approximately 30.000 new vehicles joining per month, car-oriented and corrupt urban planning, increased homelessness with the refugee crisis, and unemployment. Although the city has a historical architecture and structure, the new modern urban planning is found to be disrupting the historical atmosphere surrounding the city.

  • Population size: 15.067.724

  • Annual population growth rate: 1.52 % (2017) , 0.26 % (2018)

  • Density: 2836/km2 

  • Unemployment rate: 10.2 % 

  • Housing: 1.528.782 

  • Green space per capita: 8.41 m2(Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality)​

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