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Katrine Fugl

My name is Katrine and I come from a small town called Maribo in Denmark. The region I live in faces many challenges, most of which are very different to those of the capital city Copenhagen. Experiencing these problems while growing up has definitely influenced and inspired me to want to have a positive impact on society, which is a part of why I signed up for Youth Mayors. 

I’m particularly interested in the management of social issues, sustainability and psychology.

My City

Maribo is located between the two lakes Nørresø and Søndersø in the center of the beautiful island Lolland. It’s known as the “Cathedraltown”, because of its majestic cathedral from the 1400’s that draws in tourism from around the country, Germany and Sweden. 

While Copenhagen’s popularity is rising, the smaller towns in Denmark are suffering. For years there’s been a trend of people migrating from peripheral Denmark to big cities, resulting in dying towns with empty houses, but for the past year the municipality has managed to turn this trend around. 

Lolland also struggles with having Denmark’s lowest average school grades, having the most children in care, the second highest rate of violent crimes and unemployment.

  • Population size of Maribo is 5800

  • The municipality of Lolland has a population of 41.475

  • 2.2% of all houses are empty in the municipality of Lolland

  • In 2030 the population of Lolland is calculated to drop 9.6%

  • The expected life expectancy is the 4th lowest in Denmark

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