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Fabrizio Montisci

Hi, my name is Fabrizio and I come from Milan, Italy, the second most populated city in the country. Being accepted to UWC Maastricht has been great under many points of view; especially if we talk about the people I met and the different activities I’m doing as part of this big community. Youth Mayors is the project I like the most because it gives me the opportunity to challenge myself in discussing projects that could have a big impact on the people who live in Maastricht, and not only, and to meet great people who always come up with great ideas. Being quite interested in how cities work, are administered and how they’re gaining importance, I’ll do my best to help this project grow!  

My City

Milan is the second most inhabited city in Italy, after Rome, with 1.3 million people. It is mostly known in the world for the great quantity of fashion and design industries which bring every year more than 8 million tourists and workers to the city. Milan is also known in Italy for being the capital of banks, startups, some of the biggest italian companies like Luxottica, Mediaset, Prada, D&G, etc; all factors that make of Milan the most important economical centre in Italy. Milan is still a very important cultural hub thanks to the incredible amount of masterpieces like churches, art museums, paintings like the “Last Supper” by da Vinci and so on.

In the past years Milan has also hosted the EXPO 2015 and, probably, the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. Everything this city had to go through is now paying off.

  • Population size: 1.3 million

  • Mayor: Beppe Sala

  • Constitution: 1117 a.C.

  • Patron Saint: Saint Ambrose (December 7th)

  • Where is it: Northern Italy, Lombardy

  • Foreigners: 20% (262.521 people)

  • Important sites: Navigli, Duomo, Sant’Eustorgio, City Life, Scala Theatre, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Torino street, Montenapoleone street.



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